POF-PLUS Project

Welcome in the POF-PLUS EU Project Website

Plastic Optical Fibre for Pervasive Low-cost Ultra-high capacity Systems

The POF-PLUS project, officially ended on the 31st of May 2011, focused on developing new photonic components and transmission technologies for large core plastic optical fibre (POF) systems, aiming at the unprecedented implementation of tens of Gbps transmission over this medium. The different flavours of large core POF with core diameters in the range of 1 millimetre allow us to envision an extremely simple installation technology, significantly more user friendly than traditional glass optical fibre (GOF) or even standard copper solutions (UTP, coaxial, etc). The extreme simplicity of POF has to date come at the expense of lower transmission capacity with respect to GOF. Strategies to overcome these limitations based on novel transmitter and receiver components are the core goal of POF-PLUS. The project has achieved the following results:

  • realization of fully engineered systems working at 1Gbps over at least 50 meters;
  • proof of concept demonstration of multi-Gbps over 50 meters (from 4 to 10 Gbps);
  • proof of concept demonstration of 10Gbps transmission over tens of meters using parallel optic solutions (multi core and ribbon cables);
  • reliable transmission of selected radio-over-fibre systems (such as transporting wireless UWB, Ultra Wide Bandwidth, radio signals).

An abstract from the POF-PLUS Description of Work, describing the basic concepts and objectives can be found in the documents area.

The Final Report of the project, describing all the results of the 3 years of activity, is available as well, while a general summary can be found in the Results folder. In addition, we have put available:

  • a video with the POF-PLUS overview;
  • a video describing the results of the 1Gbps effort;
  • the POF-PLUS Handbook.

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